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Bulgaria, officially the Republic of Bulgaria is a country in the Balkans, bordered on the north by Romania, on the east by the Black Sea, on the south by Turkey and Greece and on the west by Macedonia and Serbia. Its capital is Sofia. He has been a member of the European Union since January 1, 2007.
Official language
The necessary documentation for travel to Bulgaria varies according to the country of origin.
For citizens of the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein just have a valid passport or identity card with photo / citizen's card.
If you come from a country other than those listed above, the maximum stay in Bulgaria is 90 days.
There are countries whose citizens are required to have a valid tourist visa in order to enter Bulgaria.
Citizens of those countries may also travel to Bulgaria if they have a residence permit or a long-stay visa issued by another EU country (with the exception of the United Kingdom, Ireland, Romania and Cyprus), Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein.
Citizens of all other countries must be in possession of documents justifying the purpose and conditions of their stay and of sufficient financial resources for their stay during the period they wish to remain in Bulgaria.
The documents that are needed to present vary according to the reason for the trip.
Taking into account the various conditions required for entry into Bulgaria, it is suggested that you contact the Bulgarian Embassy or Consulate in the visitor's country of residence to check these requirements before you begin your journey.
Bulgaria, in general, is well known for travelers who want quality and low prices.

Tourism in Bulgaria is centered on fishing, the eastern part, surfing, the east and south, and snowboarding in the center, which attracts many tourists mainly from the Balkan region, where many countries do not have access to the sea.

Sofia the capital of the country, is currently the city with more inhabitants in Bulgaria (added to the metropolitan areas, they are approximately 3 million inhabitants). The city is situated at the foot of Vitosha mountain.

Sofia is a city for all budgets and tastes, enjoy the city, the local gastronomy, museums and attractions that the city offers, as there are many. Sofia is a city with a lot of history and one of the most economical capitals of the European Union.

Some Bulgarian tourist regions have typical cottages and folk clubs.
The Bulgarian gastronomy is representative of the gastronomy of the Balkans, with influences of the Turkish, Greek and Arab gastronomy, You can find, to a lesser degree, influences of the Italian and Hungarian gastronomy. Due to its somewhat warm climate, it can be said that there is a relative and diversified abundance of vegetables and fruits typical of the land.

This gastronomy is famous for its abundant salads. Visitors to Bulgaria are amazed by the abundance and diversity of fresh produce as well as local wines and spirits such as rakia, mastika and mint. The Bulgarian gastronomy is made with a variety of hot and cold soups, an example of cold soup is the tarator. There are many desserts, one of the best known is banitsa.

Certain appetizers such as salads, soups and typical dishes are served with alcoholic beverages, and Bulgarian wine is a good choice.
The Bulgarian climate is temperate, with cold and humid winters and hot, dry Mediterranean summers.
The security conditions in Bulgaria are deficient.
Although the general environment is calm and the circulation in the main cities is carried out without major difficulties, the crime is of the organized type, being reduced the occurrence of small crimes that, as a rule have more incidence on the travelers.
 Thus, the main problems will be:
- frequent theft of automobiles;
- interception to motorists on the main roads of the country, carried out by police agents for the purpose of extortion of money;
- on the other hand, the presence of mafias is relatively visible, with murders related to it still being sporadically. Nevertheless, such interventions are surgically directed, not posing a particular risk to foreigners or ordinary citizens;
- in addition, the degraded state of the roads and streets constitute some risk accidents, advising attention and prudence;
 - Finally, as a general rule, attention should be paid to petty thefts, particularly to travelers traveling in more touristy areas.
Deficient sanitary and health conditions.
- There are no particular risks of contracting diseases.
- Hospitals are in a state of degradation, lacking modern technical resources and materials. Although the training of health technicians is of high quality, complaints of excessive fees and treatments are frequent. There are medicines available in the market.
It will be prudent and make a subscription for an insurance that covers the assistance measure not contemplated by the European Health Insurance Card and the possible costs of health repatriation. Possession of the European health insurance card guarantees travelers the provision of urgent treatment of medical acts, in the establishment of the public network, immediately necessary in case of sudden illness, accident or maternity.
Telecommunications and Electricity
Mobile Phones
The use of mobile devices can be used if roaming is enabled, however, pay attention to the very high roaming charges. Inquire with your operative about the cost of it.

Austria is well served by internet services, there are several cybers-cafes with high-speed links.
In case you have a laptop or notebook, there are numerous cafes that offer the free wi-fi connection.

The electricity is 220 Volts and 50 Hz.
It is advisable to have an adapter kit for the sockets.
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