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Uruguay, officially the Eastern Republic of Uruguay, is a country located in the southeastern part of South America. It is home to about 3.5 million people, of which 1.8 million live in the capital, Montevideo, and in its metropolitan area . It is estimated that between 88% and 94% of the population has mainly European or mestizo ancestry. The only land border of Uruguay is with the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul in the north. To the west lies the Uruguay River and to the southwest lies the estuary of the River Plate. The country is bordered by Argentina only in some banks of any of the rivers mentioned above, while the southeast is the Atlantic Ocean. Uruguay is the second smallest country in South America, being only larger than Suriname.

The Colonia do Sacramento, the oldest European settlement in Uruguay, was founded by the Portuguese in January 1680. In 1777, with the Treaty of Santo Ildefonso, the colony became a Spanish possession. The city of Montevideo was founded by the Spanish in the 18th century as a military fortress. Uruguay gained its independence from the Empire of Brazil between 1810 and 1828, after wars that involved Spain, Portugal, Argentina, as well as Brazil itself. Currently, the country is a constitutional democracy, where the president fulfills the role of head of state and head of government. According to Transparency International, Uruguay is ranked as the least corrupt country in Latin America (followed by Chile in second place).
EU citizens with a valid passport can enter Uruguay to stay for up to 90 days, or on a transit trip, without a visa (it is recommended that the passport be valid for at least 6 months upon entry into the country) .
Official language
Uruguayan Peso
Places to visit in Uruguay:

- Confectionery Irisarri, Minas Gerais.
- The Fingers, Punta del Este.
- Piria Castle, Piriapolis.
- Abbotsford, Piriapolis.
- Sacramento Colony, World Heritage.
- Plaza Independencia, Salvation Palace and Old Town, Montevideo.
- Centennial Stadium of Montevideo and Football Museum, Montevideo.
- Legislative Palace, Montevideo. The Uruguayan Parliament.
- Rambla (Promenade) of Montevideo, Montevideo.
- Jose Ignacio, Maldonado, Atlantic coast.
The cuisine of Uruguay is basically the result of the fusion of Italian and Spanish cuisines. He also received contributions from Brazilian, European, other South American and, to a lesser extent, indigenous cuisines.

This diversity is one of the factors that distinguish Rio-pratense cuisine from what is done in the rest of Latin America. Through it, you can find typical dishes and drinks, such as the barbecue and the chimarrão.
The climate of Uruguay is temperate, but relatively warm, since negative temperatures, quite frequent on winter nights, do not fall far below zero, while summers are mild in the extreme south of the country (in the regions of Montevideo and Punta del Este ), becoming warmer towards the north. The flat terrain is somewhat vulnerable to rapid changes in weather fronts and also to the pampero, a cold and occasionally violent wind blowing north from the plains of Argentina.

The average annual temperature varies from 16 ° C in Montevideo to 19.5 ° C in Salto and Artigas, and the average annual rainfall varies from 1000 mm in the south of the country to 1400 mm in the north. In Montevideo, the warmest month is January, with an average temperature of 22 ° C, while the coldest month is July, with an average of 10 ° C. The highest and lowest recorded temperatures in the country are 44 ° C in Paysandú (January 20, 1943) and -11 ° C in Melo (June 14, 1967). Frosts are quite frequent in the winter, but the snowfall has only occurred on very sparse occasions.
The safety conditions are reasonable. Uruguay has low crime rates, although in the last year there has been an increase in urban violence. In relation to Montevideo special attention is paid to the main points of tourist interest, such as the "Old Town" and the port area in general (especially if you are alone and couples strolling at night), and also when raising money from the ATMs.
In the face of a robbery you should seek to remain calm and never react violently. Vehicles that remain parked on the public highway shall not display any identifiable object or garment from outside.
As for the rest of the country, the above recommendations are particularly valid for Punta del Este and Colonia del Sacramento.
Due to a dispute between Argentina and Uruguay over the location of a pulp mill, the three international bridges linking the two countries are intermittently in service (blockades occur on Argentine territory, materialized by groups of Protestant environmentalists ). In case of a car trip by any of these bridges, it is prudent to consult local authorities to know what the situation is at the moment and, in case of encounters with groups of environmentalists blocking traffic, absolutely avoid forcing the passage.
No specific vaccines are required. It is, however, advisable to subscribe for insurance covering all medical care, since the costs of private medicine are high. In case of longer stay in the country, it is recommended to join an association of mutual services, private medicine or underwriting a medical emergency.
Electricity and Telecommunications
The electricity is 230V and 50Hz.
It is advisable to have a universal adapter kit for the sockets.

Uruguay has good fixed and mobile national telephone networks, although the latter have occasional difficulties in rural areas.
Travelers should consult, prior to their travel, the company providing the service to their mobile phone for the use of the roaming service in Uruguay. It is possible to rent a mobile phone from the companies Ancel, Movistar and Claro.
There are a number of private operators operating in specific sectors of the fixed network on advantageous terms. Montevideo has numerous cyber cafes and some wireless access points (also in the interior of the country).
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Punta del Este

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